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Terms and conditions


Garden Season s.r.o.
registered office: Vratislavova 77/31, 128 00, Praha 2
Reg: 24732206, Tax Reg: CZ 24732206

Phone: 603 412 881
E-mail: obchod@anglickasezona.cz
Store: Anglická Sezóna, Garden Season s.r.o., Hobšovice 11, 273 21, Hobšovice
We usually respond to e-mails within 24 hours and no later than in 3 days.

Account number for bank transfer payments:
5608019001/5500 – Raiffeisen Bank
IBAN CZ6155000000005608019001 

The seller is VAT registered.

1. General provisions

By finalizing a binding purchase order, the buyer confirms he accepts these Terms and conditions for the supply of the goods declared by the seller. Relations between the buyer and seller are regulated by these terms and conditions, which are binding on both parties. The Terms further specify and clarify the rights and obligations of the buyer and seller. Circumstances not listed in these Terms and conditions are governed by the Civil Code of the Czech Republic (No. 89/2012 Coll.), Customer Protection Act (No. 634/1992 Coll.) and other legislation, as amended.

2. Ordering goods

The subject of the order are the goods specified in the order only.

The validity of the electronic (on-line) order is achieved by filling in all the required information and elements specified in the order form. By placing an on-line order, both parties conclude a sales contract. The sales contract shall not require a formal confirmation by the seller.

By submiting an electronic (on-line) order, the buyer confirms that he accepts all the Terms and conditions and its provisions in force on the date of dispatch of the order, and that by submiting the order he accepts the actual price of the goods ordered from the current price list as displayed on the website of the seller, including possible transport costs.

The seller reserves the right to demand a written authorisation of the order by the buyer, depending on the nature of the order, the quantity of goods, the price of the goods, the cost of transport, distance etc. Should the buyer refuse to provide such authorised order in its proper form the order is considered invalid.

The seller reserves the right not to deliver the goods in case it is not in stock at the moment of ordering and it is impossible to obtain it from the supplier.

3. Prices and payment

The prices displayed are valid at the time of ordering only. The seller reserves the right to omit errors and to make changes to to the listed prices in case of exchange rate fluctuations, significant inflation, or significant changes in the supply conditions of the manufacturers and other suppliers of the goods. The purchase price shall be deemed to have been paid only after full payment for a separate part of the delivery is received in the seller´s bank account or the full ammount in cash is paid to the seller or the respective delivery company employee. The invoice issued based on the sales contract between the seller and buyer also serves as tax invoice and delivery note.

The buyer may only accept the goods after full payment is received unless otherwise agreed. The final price is increased by the cost of transport to a place designated by the buyer.

For goods that is not in stock (in particular costom-built furniture, wallpapers and textile, alternatively other kinds of goods), the seller reserves the right to demand a deposit payment equal to 70% of its total price. In case of withdrawal from the contract by the buyer, this deposit is non-refundable if the contract is already under implementation (order to manufacture has been given).

4. Delivery time

Delivery time of goods that are in stock is 2 – 7 days on avarage. In the event that the goods are in stock, the seller will dispatch them as soon as possible.

In case of goods not in stock, the buyer will be informed by phone or e-mail of the earliest possible delivery date. For custom-built furniture, the delivery time is approximately 8 – 12 weeks. The delivery period starts upon receipt of the 70% deposit payment.

If necessary, the status of the order can be checked by e-mail at obchod@anglickasezona.cz or on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm by phone at 731 741 965.

5. Transport conditions and postage

Methods of delivery and their prices:

  • Personal pickup at the store - 0 Kč
  • Intime within Czech Republic - 120 Kč
  • Intime within Slovakia - 320 Kč
  • Furniture and other bulky goods – dependant on distance and volume

The buyer can pick up the goods ordered at the store Anglická sezóna, na Hobšovice 11, 273 21, Hobšovice, during the opening hours. The goods will be reserved for 5 working days. At the store, it is possible to pay by cash or by credit card, we accept the cards Visa, MasterCard and Visa Electron.

The goods is delivered by the express parcel service Intime within Czech Republic and Slovakia. The delivery time within Czech Republic is 24 hours upon expedition of the goods and takes place during daytime from 10 am till 6 pm. During your absence, the delivery company will contact you and settle on the handover of the goods with you. The payment is by cash on delivery.

Furniture and other bulky orders are delivered by the company Gondrand, the price depends on distance and volume of the goods. The delivery company only transports the goods, it is not a removal company and is not insured for removals. For removal of furniture, either settle on with the seller in advance or settle a removal on your own. Alternatively, it is possible to pick up the furniture at the branch-establishment of the delivery company free of charge at Gondrand a.s., Ke Zdibsku 240, Zdiby. Same conditions apply to transport of furniture within Slovakia.

6. Warranty and claims

Unless stated otherwise at www.anglickasezona.cz, the warranty period is 24 months for sales to consumers. A consumer is any individual who, outside of his trade, business or profession, enters into a contract or has other dealings with an entrepreneur.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, e.g. if the selected type of product is unsuitable for the buyer´s intended use, or where defects are caused by incorrect use and handling, where defects are caused by improper installation of the product, where defects are caused by improper maintenance and storage, or where defects are caused by tampering with the product or violating protective seals and stickers.

If, during the warranty period, the buyer finds any goods defective, he shall immediately notify the seller and agree the process of settling the claim. If the defect is flagrant (most probably caused during the transport of the goods) the buyer is also required to make a photographic documentation of the defect and send it to the seller without undue delay. Possible delay in claiming the defect, ongoing usage of the defective goods or noncompliance with these terms of warranty may restraint the objective review of the claim and result in rejection of the warranty.

A defect may be rectified in the following ways: for smaller delivery of goods by sending the goods to the address Anglická Sezóna, Garden Season s.r.o., Hobšovice 11, 273 21, Hobšovice, for bulky goods by personal agreement. Cost of transport of goods to the seller are paid by the buyer. Once the complaint is dealt with, the goods will be sent to the buyer via the transport services used by the seller as above. For justified complaints, the seller pays the costs of transport of the goods back to the buyer. In the event of an unjustified complaint, the buyer will be fully charged for all repair and transport costs. When handing over the goods following the complaint the buyer must submit proof of ownership of the goods – invoice, receipt.

The seller will decide upon the outcome of any complaint within 3 days of receipt of goods under complaint, and notify the buyer of that decision by e-mail, unless otherwise agreed. The complaint will be settled within 30 days, if necessary the status of the complaint can be checked by e-mail at obchod@anglickasezona.cz or on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm by phone at 731 741 965.

7. Withdrawal from the sales contract

The buyer – as a consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods from the transport company. This doesn´t apply to personal purchase of goods at the store. This doesn´t apply to custom-made goods. If in the above mentioned period (indicating the date of shipment) the buyer wishes to withdraw from the contract, he must meet the following conditions:

Without undue delay and no later than 14 days after the withdrawal - send the goods at the address: Anglická Sezóna, Garden Season s.r.o., Hobšovice 11, 273 21, Hobšovice. The goods must not be damaged or used. The goods must be returned in its original packaging (if possible), must be complete, with all accessories, particularly the delivery note must be included. It is also necessary to provide the bank account number. The buyer is liable for the reduction in the value of goods caused by handling of the goods in a manner other than which is necessary with regard to its nature and properties. The costs of transport on returning the goods are paid by the buyer.

After fulfilling all the above conditions for returns of goods, the seller will send a refund to the buyer´s bank account within 14 working days from the date of withdrawal from the contract, but no sooner than he receives the goods returned, or the buyer proves he sent the goods. Returning the goods by cash on delivery is not allowed and all such packages will be immediately rejected and sent back to the sender.

8. Final provisions

Possible disputes between the buyer and the seller are advised to be settled directly with the seller. The buyer – as a consumer also has the right to appeal to a body of alternative dispute resolution in case previous attemp to settle the dispute from sales contract or contract for the provision of services directly with the seller has not been succesful. In this case the body of alternative dispute resolution is Czech Trade Inspection Authority. More information about alternative dispute resolution here.

The seller agrees that he will not provide personal data from buyers to third parties and that all information will be treated as confidential for internal use by the seller only, for the purpose of maintaining and improving mutual costomer-supplier relationship.


These Terms and conditions are in effect from 4.10.2018.

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