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Ordering Information for Basic Furniture:

  • The dimensions of furniture shown are the outside, maximum dimensions.
  • Specify the colour of the furniture and state this in your order.
  • Delivery time for special-order (not in stock) furniture is 6 to 10 weeks,
  • The remaining 30% must be paid just before delivery.
  • The cost of transport depends upon the amount ordered and distance.
  • Payment in Slovakia is due in Euros.
  • For further inquiries please contact us on tel (0042 02) 731 741 965.

Rozhodli jste se pro nábytek Anglické sezóny? Potom si prosím pečlivě přečtěte tyto řádky.

Our furniture is made from solid pine or spruce (soft woods), whose main advantage over other materials commonly used in the mass production of furniture (such as laminated chipboard, MDF, OSB) is::

  • They are ecologically pure products,
  • They last a lifetime.

However, it is necessary to take into account one essential detail in which other products differ from solid wood:

  • Our products are made from a so-called live material (which also has a 'soul') and its main feature is that it responds to the conditions it is placed in. Despite its professionally applied finish, it will always respond to any changing humidity and temperature conditions. This is especially important when used in rural cottages or wood cabins, for example.
  • The influences of the changing seasons and the intensity of occupation of these interiors is crucial and our live materials will eliminate any great impact on the furniture caused by temperature fluctuations. For example: A house, which is empty and unused from late autumn, unheated and unventilated, will see temperature ranges from 0 to +10 °C and inside humidity can reach 100%. Then comes the weekend, Christmas holidays or a family celebration and the temperature rises within one or two days to + 25 °C and the humidity is reduced by 30 to 50%! Consequently, in some joints and thinner wood strips there develop small cracks which cause scraping drawers or warping of the door frames.
  • Coloured multi-layered surfaces on an acrylic base may exhibit minor elasticity or stickiness, which is often caused by the fact that the paints are manufactured 1-5 years earlier and their complete cure only occurs after several annual cycles, even though they are purely ecological.
  • It may be true that if you do not accept these facts, proven through centuries of experience with solid wood furniture, then it is better for you to choose laminated treated surfaces (where wood waste compounds are used along with a considerable amount of fillers, curing agents and adhesives). These materials place a heavy burden on the environment in which we live, and especially on our health.

So, if your choice is that of a healthy lifestyle and you want to surround yourself with natural materials, then you need to utilise all the advantages that solid wood furniture gives you, and the reward is their long-lasting beauty to be admired for centuries by lovers of good taste, and which has been produced in today's technological times solely by human hands.

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