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Designer Services

We will be happy to give you an advice on interior design and help you accommodate your room, flat or whole house from the base to the smallest detail.
It always matters to us what exactly the customer needs.
Our customers address us with these frequently asked questions:


In order to create the concept - we need you to provide us a groundplan of the room, drawing of the position of windows and window sills, height of the room, position of kitchen sink and plumbing, position of fume hood, oven and its connection to electricity.

Ideally also provide us a photo of the room.

We will draft a 3D concept and ascertain whether it is possible to shape the kitchen out of our standardized products or whether custom-made furniture will be needed.

In case of more complicated interiors we take the measurements ourselves.

price of services:
500,- per hour + travelling expenses 7,- per kilometre

3D concept of the kitchen: 1500,- (if the kitchen is to be furnished by our standardized products)

Concept of the kitchen made of custom-built furniture: 2500,-. We proceed the order to Czech joiners who manufacture the furniture so it fits precisely, including practical details such as built-in trash bins, wooden or laminated countertop etc.

If the customer demands multiple varieties of the concept and therefore the concept takes more than 5 hours to finalize, work above 5 hours is charged by 500,- per hour.


As above - in order to create the concept we need you to provide us a groundplan and photos.

Personal consultation and measurement is necessary – to find out what exactly the customer desires and provide services to that extent.

price of services:
500,- per hour for the concept, depending on extensity (for large scale projects the fee is lower) + travelling expenses 7,- per kilometre

We do not create 3D concepts for this kind of projects, instead we provide the customer with samples of wood for the furniture and its colours, samples of wallpapers and textile and give advice on other arrangements and professional services. We collaborate with good and affordable suppliers of flooring, coating etc.


We provide services of a decorator where the customer only needs to tune-up their interior with textiles or wallpapers and enhance it with decorations.

We need you to provide us photos in advance – in order to bring the right samples with us.

price of services:
500,- + travelling expenses 7,- per kilometre

All consultations for our customers provided in the store are free.

Make an appointment in advance.
Contact: ludmila@anglickasezona.cz


owner of the store Anglická Sezóna and designer

It was an old dream of my childhood that came true – to be able to offer something so beautiful in my designs as English or French countryside and bring it to our dwellings. Create a magnificent atmosphere and warm up the whole home.

Leeda Abrtová
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